Thursday, June 16, 2011

Now the "Sequel to the Prequel": The Da Vinci Code By Dan Brown

~~~~~~~"Sequel to the Prequel"~~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~The Da Vinci Code: By Dan Brown~~~~~

Yesterday, everyone got to hear my ramblings on "prequels"..... but now I am going to write about the actual first book, The Da Vinci Code, that took after the book Angels and Demons.... Follow? Well even if you don't Ill tell you about the book anyway. ( Of course it still follows the religious theme.) 

On side note I never really wanted to read these books until one of my friends shoved it in my face and said, "READDDDD ANNYYYY READDD!!!!!!"

On with the Summery!!!!!:

Robert Langdon Is the man behind solving the mystery once again. While he is on a business trip in Paris, things get a little shocking. 
After one late, very late, phone call Robert receives news of the curator of the Louvre has been murdered. 

But what does the famous Da Vinci painting have to do with it? Not everything is what it seems.

Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu have to race through Paris' depth to find out the cryptic truths. Some find out more than they ever could have imagined.

Movie Goers:

Of course if you have seen the movie you already know the ending to the book, but believe me when I say the BOOK IS WAY BETTER THAN THE MOVIE!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Prequels Before Sequels?"- Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

"Prequels Before Sequels?":
Angels and Demons by Dan Brown 

Alright, everyone must be asking me why(WHHY!!???) would I write about Angels and Demons before I write about the Da Vinci Code. Let me say that I hate reading "prequels", but I made an exception this time  because I read them in the order of : Angels and Demons AND THAN The Da Vinci Code. It makes perfect sense that way, even though one could get away with just reading one or the other.

Now that I have gotten that rant out of my way for the day, I now am going to tell you about the book.
It is about the infamous Robert Langdon (which most of you will know from The Da Vinci Code) who is dragged to a crazy top secret Swiss research center to piece together a haunting,yet cryptic, symbol. The symbol was branded on the chest of a physicist.

The symbol is of the Illuminati, which looks like this:

The Illuminati is an secret society that is supposedly the masterminds to " New World Order", and in this novel they are after the Catholic Church. It is what is stolen form the the top secret Swiss  research center that is the problem. It was an anti-matter particle which is highly explosive and has the possibility to destroy Vatican City.  So join Robert Langdon in his journey to save the day....

My Opinion about the Book:

I loved the book. When you read this book you have to remember this is set BEFORE The Da Vinci Code. What I love about this book is it mixed some sort of science fiction in with some historical notations about the Illuminati and the Catholic Church. There are possibilities that some of the things in this book could be factual, but for now they are a work of fiction. 
It is an easy 710 page read, really people its only 137 chapters. If my math is correct the book only consists of 5 pages a chapter on average.

The Movie Goers:
The movie was great, but I still recommend the book only because I'm one of those classic cases "MUST READ BOOK BEFORE MOVIE", but if your not the avid reader just rent the movie and then decide. 
Enjoy your adventures, find your escape. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Well I Am Back

So you might have noticed I took a break from my blog for a bit, but I have decided that I will continue this blog.
By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!



Thursday, December 16, 2010

So, What Did Everyone Think?

Okay!!!!! So it is officially the end of the Seven deadly hours with me!!!! Which it is amazing that I was able to pull this off!!!!
I would rate this series as a whole 4 out of 5 stars.
Which don't get me wrong it is a great rating, but since the plots took some twists and turns I didn't like. 
Maybe if people read it they can argue with me, Please comments wanted!!!
Anyway, everyone good luck on your finals!!!!
Join me next time.
-Ann Marie

No Humans Involved by Kelley Armstrong ( Women of the Other World #7)

Okay it is officially 6 in the morning everyone!!!!! It is time for everyone to wake up and literally smell the coffee.... I hate to say it but rise and shine sunshine... haha.... even though the sun isn't even remotely out right now. I bet that half of you are struggling to get out of bed because its too cold out... If anyone has lasted the night to read my blog.... power to you all.... if not I totally understand.
Now it is time for me to tell you about the last book I am reviewing for you tonight by Kelley Armstrong... my next post will be my final thoughts so far... if you are wondering why its call the seven deadly hours.....8 posts technically in 7 hours....yep!
No Humans Involved by Kelley Armstrong ( Women of the Other World # 7)

A completely new concept is introduced into this series!
Jamie is a medium with her own TV show, which is her dream. She is brought to a haunted sight... and it is for a reality TV show... Does anyone want to guess the celebrity they want to resurrect? 
Marilyn Monroe!!!!!
For Jamie she sees at as a way to become popular and even possibly a super star.She struggles with her gifts throughout the book..
I'm not a big fan of this book, because it is a little far fetched... Its kinda like the book meets ghost hunters or something. I think Kelley Armstrong's books get a little too far fetched as the novels go on. I mean one about Jack the Ripper and now one about resurrecting Marilyn Monroe... come on.... Even though I love her stories, and plots... This one had to be my least favorite book.
But besides it being far fetched, it is a good read... it keeps you guessing.
Though really read them starting from 1 it will fill in a lot of holes.
See you next hour!

Broken by Kelley Armstrong ( Women of the Other World #6)

Anyway If you have been reading so far, you would know we are on the sixth book and it is the 5th hour... lol. Maybe there are people pulling an all night-er like I am? So do any of the reviews I have written so far make you want to read these series....? I would hope so, though not many people are obsessed with the supernatural like I am, because in most people it is only skin deep such as Harry Potter. In the Harry Potter Books, they only give people a glimpse of what the "Supernatural World" really is.... Many people have different theories. Kelley Armstrong... has a very good idea of what her vision is.

Broken by Kelley Armstrong (Women of the Other World #6)

Remember the earlier books, with Elena being the only female werewolf?

Well Elena is back with the man that changed her, Clay, again.... and she is happy and pregnant! Elena is finally getting what she wants in life, though someone one from the past come to see her. His name is Xavier. Xavier comes back into her life, the man she met when she was kidnapped a few years back. He offers her a deal, he will let her know where the rouge wolf is, and she will have to do something in return..

What is this favor?

Xavier wants her to steal Jack the Ripper's letter. The letter is in the possession of a business man in Toronto, Canada. At first the exchange seems fair, but what happens when things go terribly wrong?
All I'll let you know is it has to do with Zombies.... Beware Everyone! -runs-

The plot is a bit twisted.... defiantly a different kind of story line.

Haunted by Kelley Armstrong ( Women of the Other World #5)

About 4 in the morning now.... -yawn- is all I say, It is time for a run outside after I get done this post, it is so cold out it should wake me up a lot! So, ready to listen to my thoughts again? Or is it to everyone else endless words making no sense at this point? Maybe the next time I do something as ridiculous as this it should be during the daylight hours when everyone is still awake. Though the daylight hours are getting shorter and shorter every day now... because of course its winter. I am off topic again. So lets continue on the Tales that Kelley Armstrong has created and captivated at least me.

Haunted by Kelley Armstrong ( Women of the Other World #5)

Like to break any rules??? Because I know someone who does.....

Eve, is one for breaking the rules. She is a witch with a reputation of having a smart mouth and for breaking 'rules'. Eve is dead.... and somehow she is still breaking the 'rules'....

Eve is in what Kelley Armstrong refers to as the hereafter.....some sort of afterlife. Eve can still create trouble in the hereafter, which is almost like living here on earth. She can still be with her former lover Kris and use her paranormal powers.

The thing is Eve wants to earn her wings.... but how will she do it?

The Fates come to her offering her a job to get her wings, it is to defeat Nix. If she defeats him she will get what she wants. The thing is that she needs someone to help her, so she pairs up with Trsiel.
Trisiel is a human like angel, and he helps her with her tasks.... Will everything go okay?

This book brings in other elements to the "other world" and this series really covers its bases.
It is a recommend read if you are interested in angels and religion mixed with the supernatural...